Cloud Accounting

Our industry is advancing rapidly with a wide range of technology which is easily and affordably accessible. We work with many cloud-based accounting systems including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage One. These platforms are continuously evolving and with their improving functionality we have had great success migrating clients from older server-based systems. Functions like automatic bank feed capabilities mean less time spent capturing bank statements and allocating transactions. Reporting tools allow business owners to create and customize their own dashboards to show business specific, real time data. All our clients who are now online, enjoy the efficiency and flexibility.

There are hundreds of apps that integrate with online accounting systems which improve the experience for both accountants and business owners – both in the office and the field. Applications such as Receiptbank, Expensify and Hubdoc are a revelation for all. These apps allow the business owner to take a snap of supplier/expense invoices and automatically upload, archive and sync to online accounts software. A huge time-saver and no more worrying about the whereabouts of hundreds of little pieces of paper. The benefits of online systems and third party apps continue to grow, we are wholeheartedly embracing these changes. We would love to introduce you to this developing world and are very keen to discuss the options available to you.